How do I set my airport preferences?

Having your airport preferences set is the most important step to receiving our flight tips. (besides signing up to JFC of course)

You select the departure airports you want to receive flight alerts for and if at least one of those airports is mentioned in a flight alert, you'll be getting an email or a notification for that deal, depending on your preferences. While specific long and short-haul airport preferences are only a setting for our Premium members, our free members can still set their home airport in their Members Lounge!

You can select your departure preferences by logging into your Member Lounge and looking for the tab that says 'Flight Settings’ under your profile image (you can set this in either the app or the browser), like here:

Flight settings in Members lounge

If you are on our app (You can download the app here: Android / iOS.) instead, you can find this same feature by clicking in the top right corner of your screen, then tap on the section where it says 'Flight Settings'.

If you've set your preferences and you feel like you're not receiving the correct deals please pop us an email at '' and we'll look into any issues that you might be having.

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