What is the Deal Archive?

Our Deal Archive is a catalogue of all the deals that our Flight Finders have conjured up. They're a little different for free and Premium members. There is also some basic filtering that you can use to search through current deals

To see them you simply need to login to your Member Lounge and head into the 'Flights' tab and select 'Other Flights'

Deal archive for Premium Members:

Current active Premium members will be able to see all the available deals that were sent to ALL of the airports and regions. This is a great way to keep up to date with all of the flights that we've managed to grab. This is excellent for members who don't want to receive all of the emails or in-app notifications but are still on the lookout for a specific deal. Eg. If you've got your eye on a trip to Tokyo but your flight alert settings are only for LHR but there's a great deal from Manchester you might be more willing to grab it from an alternative airport if there's a cheap flight available.

Or perhaps you travel between the UK and Germany and would like to keep an eye on both airports without receiving too many alerts. Then checking on the Deal Archive every now and then would be a great way to do that.

Deal archive for free members:

Free members will have access to all of the deals in a similar way to the Premium member archive the only difference is that you won't have access to all of the deals, All of the Premium Deals will be greyed out until you upgrade to Premium membership.

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