What are Weekend Trips?

Once a week our incredible team of Flight Finders will send out a round-up of weekend trips. These are cheap, short getaways designed to help you grab a quick flight and take a break for a few days. Weekend Trips digests are a weekly round-up of all the Snacks we’ve sent that include, well, weekend trips.

Each Weekend Trip email is made up of individual Snacks that we send during the week. Once we have enough trips in each region to cover the main airports, we’ll send the WT Digest to our members. This is usually 4-5 trips per sub-region and 2-3 trips for each main airport in the region. (Depending on the airport preferences that you have set)

These digests are also available in the deals section of your Member Lounge.

In order to receive the weekend trips please make sure that you have this preference turned on in your settings. You can toggle these settings anytime but heading over to your Member Lounge and clicking on 'Flight Settings' then scrolling down to the section after your airport settings and simply toggle the Weekend Trips on or off, if the switch is blue then you have it selected. Once you've turned it on make sure that you click 'Save' before exiting the page so that the updated setting is saved. And there you go, you're all set to receive the weekend trip flights

The long and short of how it works: the team will try their best to find the most convenient, cheap return trip from every major airport in your region to a nearby destination for 2-4 days over a weekend. These won't always be the absolute lowest prices, as I aim to find the best value option taking into account bank holidays, ideal flight times, and other factors to make sure you get the most (and use up the least) of that precious holiday allotment.

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