How do I cancel my Premium membership?

We have improved our Members Lounge. You'll be prompted to enter your Preferences if you haven't logged in recently. Once this is completed, you'll see the options mentioned below to change your billing details or subscription status :)

If your upgrade was done with a credit card and you'd like to cancel your Premium membership because you don't want to run the risk of an auto-renewal we have an option to receive a subscription reminder which you can set up by following the steps on this page and to find out if you are eligible for a refund please refer to our refund policy on this page. However, if you really do want to cancel (in which case we'd hate to see you go), all you need to do is log in to your Premium member lounge with your login details here and head over to the profile logo on the top right of the page and click on the 'Subscription' link. If you upgraded through Apple or iTunes, you'll need to follow the steps on this page to cancel your subscription. If your upgrade was done through PayPal, please follow these steps.

You'll be redirected to the Subscription page where you'll be able to manage your subscriptions (including updating your card details, changing your payment plan to a different tier etc.). To cancel simply click on 'Cancel'

From there you'll be presented with a pop-up and if you're sure you would like to cancel, just click 'cancel' if that's what you'd like to do or if you'd just like to receive a reminder 2weeks before the end of your Premium period to remind you of the auto-renewal click 'I'll stay' which will keep your renewal date but send a reminder before you're due to renew.

If you select 'cancel' nd that will pull up a cancellation reason, (We would be very grateful if you could share the reason you're not interested in receiving Premium flight tips, this gives us an opportunity to improve where we can and make being a member of JFC an even better experience for everyone). Or if you'd like to share some feedback which is something that we always appreciate please drop us an email to

If you have cancelled your Premium membership but you're still within your active Premium period and you'd like to keep receiving our Premium alerts all that you need to do is click on the green 'Reactivate' button and your membership will stay active until you choose to downgrade.

If you're eligible for a refund (14 days for new members and for auto-renewals - this excludes monthly plans) please refer to this page to get that sorted for you.

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