How do I access deals?

We got you - you're in the club for deals and you want to get right to it! There are actually three different ways to see our deals, so we're available however suits you best.

Check out all our available deals on our app (check that out here: Android / iOS) as well as in your Member Lounge. You'll also automatically be added to our mailing list to see all the deals for your preferences straight to your inbox. (You can change that anytime by toggling your preferences in your lounge)

If you've already logged in to your Members Lounge, click on the 'Flights' tab at the top of the page and you'll be taken directly to the page that will give you all the goods!

You'll see that there is a second tab named 'Other Flights'. If you're a Premium member, those are all the flights that we've found from all of the airports (from all the regions) that we cover. Free members will see a preview of the current Premium deals (you won't be able to access them but it's a bit of a sneak peek at the recent Premium deals)

If you've signed up and are still not seeing our emails in your inbox after a week. Please try the steps in this guide and if that doesn't work please send us an email or message here for us to look into what might be wrong - we're here to help :)

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